Front Opened Abaya

Front Opened Abaya
Front Opened Abaya is a strange one in story and design. Egypt has long been known for its loose and elegant uniformity, which was and still retains its form with some changes
The dress is the most famous and finest women’s clothing in Egypt. It is characterized by its wide cut, and its fine embroidery of gold threads embroidered elegantly, and the black color embroidered with gold of the finest dresses
The Egyptian abaya is famous for wearing wide belts on the waist and shoulders. It is prominent and full of doubt and crystal. Egyptian women prefer to wear the silk robe, which is famous among Egyptian women, wearing a light, embroidered shawl or beaded with fine beads
The loose lines that define the feminine features in the woman’s body in a distorted way characterize the Egyptian abaya, and there are many folded notes and irregular rattles, often black with no engravings or color additions, some of which are added to another type of cloth that is more glossy to add some ripples to the abaya
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Front Opened Abaya
Front Opened Abaya is the most distinguished among the Arab abayas, which carry the details and features of traditional and traditional through its different stories and does not adhere to a specific character, which makes it the focus of the eyes of the Arab world, many of which prefer to acquire a number of them, also known for the Egyptian abaya also influenced by other fashion such as Jordan And the Indian and Iranian dresses; as a result of the mixing of Kuwaiti women with the rest of the peoples a long time ago, which made these cultures overshadow the Egyptian abaya
What distinguishes the traditional dress of women in Egypt is different from the rest of the Gulf gowns, since the Egyptian Abaya was rich in colors and elegant in its designs, while retaining the character of modesty, and it is different and varied from one region to another
Egyptian fashion designers specializing in the Egyptian cloak succeeded in finding a wide audience for their uniforms, not only in the governorates of Egypt, but in the Arab countries, in addition to their success in conveying the Egyptian abaya to the different countries of the world, whether to buy or wear it in love with Eastern fashion
The success of these designers came from their influence on ancient legacies and women’s fashion, their knowledge of sewing arts, their determination to learn, to learn about the costumes and cultures of other countries. Their innovations add to the Egyptian abaya in

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