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About Us – Egypt Abaya ||Egypt Abaya is a clothing supply office registered in Egypt (Tax registration number 692309993)

EgyptAbaya for Islamic clothing, The most Popular oriental Abaya Shop is existing in the Islamic clothing Market for more than 20 years. With a strong focus on modest design, deep experience in the Abaya Style, and quality design, Egypt Abaya  Presented the new model of the Eastern Abaya and has provided the proof that modest clothing specially the Abaya is not just a costume, but a necessity for Muslim Women and ladies around the world. How becomes Egyptabaya one of the most popular Shop in that Field?
That is what will be declared in the following words.

The Policy of Egypt Abaya Shop for  Islamic Clothing.

First of All we like to declare that what we wear is not just a dress but a mirror that reflects who we are and how we think and reflect our ethics, principles and education. The Clothing we wear shows how we like to be treated by others as Muslims living in society. The Clothing considered as our faith, principles and the way we have raised up.

What is the secrete behind Egypt Abaya Shop for Islamic Clothing designs and why are egyptabaya styles unique?

The Egyptabaya is beautiful and loves beauty. We try to make our Abaya and Dress reflecting the timeless beauty. We have huge variety of Abaya collections, including practical day-to-day official and casual wear, active wear, prayer Abaya & Dress and the elegant Abaya  and Gowns for all deferent  occasions. The most of our Abaya designs are embroidered, reflecting the inspiration of the rich heritage of Islamic art and culture, by the patterns and motifs existing in the classic Islamic arabesque and geometric designs. That gives our Abaya the oriental touch which is noticeable in our Abaya, Dress  and clothes in general.
The Success of Egyptabaya that popular, beautiful Abaya design are so thanks to the effort, work and innovation of our designers and our design team . They travel the world to source the most high quality, natural fabrics with which to craft our unique designs.

Why egyptabaya does not care about the beauty of the Model in the Ads?

Egyptabaya care about the beauty of Abaya design and do not care about the apparent beauty of female because the beauty of nature is not in her body of female but in her ethics and culture and the elegance of her dress. This is the focus of attention to all the Abaya and clothes that we offer and this is exactly what we want to focus on in Islamic clothing Market .So that why there is a difference between what we offer of clothes described as Islamic compatible with the teachings of Islam and all others women’s clothing  presented as a dress for women in the clothing Market.
Egyptabaya don’t want to be a part in creating such insecurities in the common woman who inevitably compares herself to the unrealistic images of perfectly beautiful models which is seen in marketing campaigns.
Egyptabaya like that its customers purchasing its clothing because the style speaks to them, not because it is displayed on a beautiful model.

How do you explaine Islamic fashion, and how does it point to business?

Egyptabaya aims to be a Company that completely follow the Islamic ethics in everything it does. This is most basic form that distinguishes our products in our modest designs and marketing, but it’s will be deeper than what described. It’s Known that the direction of the mainstream fashion industry in the world is to use cheap labor and practices to create inexpensive Products. Egyptabaya believes due to the Islamic ethics it followed that what they do is the incorrect way of running a business, and is completely unethical- the antithesis of teachings of Islam. Egyptabaya’s clothing is produced in its own sweatshop-free factories by fellow Muslims. Egyptabaya employees are rewarded fairly .They as human beings with feelings, a spirit and a heart are treated with kindness, respect and, ultimately.

More about Egyptabaya employees

The employees are treated humanely and rewarded for their good work. They deserve thanks and reward. Our employees work hard, sincerely and honestly. They love each other and cooperate with each other to provide them with the best in a way that serves their business, serves their company and serves the Muslim maid. Is to provide an Islamic dress for Muslim women that can achieve balance between chic and beauty and between the teachings of Islam and the needs of the community in which they live. They do this to help themselves and contribute to the progress of their company and be at the forefront always between the clothing market in the Middle East and in the world

EgyptAbaya has been delivering results since we opened in 2008. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

EgyptAbaya has over 15 years of experience in Abaya Clothing and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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