Is a piece of cloth black, and is common among all Arab countries, formed abayas to be suitable for the form of Arab Muslim women to cover the wear of ordinary clothes, and consists of a long-sleeved black robe covering all parts of the body except the face and hands and feet, Some historians believe that the origin of the abaya and the date of its inception was four thousand years ago, specifically in Mesopotamia, Iraq, and some of them believe that it existed at the time of the entry of Islam
It was not possible for poor women to wear abayas because of their inability to buy them, but nowadays most women and women wear abayas to provide them to all classes of society, and the abayas are now different from what it was in ancient times in its various styles and colors. It is called Abayas in the state of Malaysia and Afghanistan.
The Abaya can be made from different fabrics and you can chose from this fabrics according the weather and due to comfortably for your skin.

There are variety of fabrics made of the Abaya for example :-

Cotton – Crepe – Satin – Chiffon – Jersey – Silk – Linen – Nidha – Georgette – Wool


Nature fabrics which is very comfortable specially in summer .Cotton has many advantage when you make Abaya from .It will be perfect choice for Home Abaya and Hijabs.


Crepe is a French word which means fabric with a pebbly surface texture. It has twisted wave which give a very elegant appearance. This Crepe fabrics has an advantage that it doesn’t crease so easily as others fabrics. Also it can be used to make loose-fitting Abaya, dresses, bridal gowns and evening wear.


It is a fabric weave using cotton instead of silk which give a very shiny looks. It has a lustrous smooth feel and glossy sheen. This Satin fabric can be used to make Dresses and skirts. It is luxury Dress which used usually in the evening Events .it is Evening Gowns.


It is very lightweight fabric which is transparent and be used for summer and in the evening party. The Dresses and the Abaya made of Chiffon looks very elegant and give a very luxury appearance. Usually used to make the Maxi Dresses and the Butterfly Abaya.


An elastic fabric which is known for draping well. It is stretchy fabric made from single knit .If it put under pressure can be curl at edges .Jersey can be used to make Skirts, Dress. It will be the favorite choice to make the slim Abaya.


Silk is very luxury material , very smooth fabric and a natural protein fiber, which is used to make the elegant Dresses, Abaya. The Abaya made of Silk  refract incoming light at different angles which make it the perfect choice if you will dress it in the party or the special event. It usually used in the official places and for the official work.

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