Butterfly Abaya

Butterfly Abaya
Butterfly Abaya is the best way to wear your everyday clothes that you like if you are veiled women. The abaya apprenticeship nowadays expanded not only to cover the body but also to become a fashion and a distinctive mark for women in Egypt, so there are many Egyptian abaya models and sewing styles in this season to expand and be more than just dull black Egyptian abaya
In fact, the days of the classic Egyptian black gowns are gone, and the cloaks have entered these days to have many colors such as gray, blue, brown and so on
The Egyptian abaya did not stop wearing the old-age class today, but became popular among younger girls. Many gown designers tended to diversify in colors, cuttings and raw materials to give a modest and elegant look at the same time.

The Egyptian Abaya Show features Abaya Shaw with light materials for the 20’s and 30’s, which suits the open sandal or any shoes that you wish to highlight. The short design of the Egyptian Abaya gives you the elegance of your shoes

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