Black Abaya

Black Abaya
Black Abaya is the Main Abaya Color which egyptabaya specialized in and offer it in different Models and Styles | International Shipping -100% Guarantee
No doubt that black  Abayas has become a very important place in the wardrobe of Arab women, and the role of Arab and international fashion in fashioning its forms, models, and fabrics made to satisfy the tastes of all Arab women.
Embroidery has become a sophisticated and stylish way to decorate the abayas, which gives femininity, elegance, and luxury to them.
The way of embroidery varies from abaya to other, to suit events of all kinds, from casual to work to weddings and grand nights, giving you a luxurious and modern look at the same time. The embroidered abayas blend between Arabic culture and decency on the one hand and among the most modern models and styles on the other hand, which preserves the Arab abayas and suits the traditions.
The embroidery is in keeping with the majority of abaya colors, but black remains the most sought after and most sought after by Arab women.

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