Noir Black Abaya – Gold Embroidered


Category : Women’s Clothing

Material : Silk

Color : Black

Sizes : L, XL, 2XL,3XL



Black  Egyptian Abaya  online with Gold Embroidery | Very Beautiful Black Abaya with  fashionable Embroidery on Bust and Sleeves .The Women ’s first choice for any occasion is the Golden color touch on the fabric and can catch quickly their mind as well.


Black  Egyptian Abaya

This gorgeous The Golden Embroidery  Black Abaya is an exclusive modern long dress which is very special for its stylish appearance. It is a round shaped Abaya with silk material and a gorgeous embroidery made on the bust, neck and Abaya’s lower side.

Black Egyptian Abaya

Black Egyptian Abaya

The Scarf is matching with the Abaya with the same Embroidery

Category : Women’s Clothing

Material : Silk

Color : Black

Sizes : L, XL, 2XL,3XL


1- Gold Embroidered Abaya

2-Scarf or Hijab

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Egyptian Abaya as an Oriental Cultur
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"L", "XL", "2XL", "3XL"


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