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Best Abaya Fabric in Egypt

Best Abaya Fabric in Egypt

Best Abaya Fabric in Egypt | Best Fabrics for Egyptian Abayas are many pieces of clothing that can be worn by women and girls inside and outside the home, including Abaya, which has become increasingly popular in various Arab countries, and the number of fabrics that can be made abayas, some of them fit slims, including the more suitable for the fullest, and will be the subject of fabrics that make Abayas are the subject of our discussion in this article

Best Abaya Fabric in Egypt


Crepe fabric

This cloth is one of the most luxurious fabrics used in the manufacture of abayas, and it has many advantages that encourage women to buy the gown made of this cloth, it is soft texture, practical, and comfortable when wearing, and there are two types, the first heavy where it suits winter wear, To be worn thin lady where gives her body a larger size, while the second type, is the crepe light, which makes the prevention of loose abayas to be more comfortable in confusion
Satin fabric
One of the most beautiful fabrics that can be chosen to wear abayas, especially in occasions and evenings, because of the glamor of this cloth, but it is worth mentioning that this type of fabric does not suit the full ladies to give the body larger than it is, on the contrary is very suitable for thin women

Fabric chiffon

One of the fabrics that is attractive and attractive, and very suitable for wearing in the winter and summer, can wear abaya made of it on occasions and occasions, a suitable choice for full ladies

Lace fabric

The most beautiful and attractive fabrics and elegance, it can be used in abaya with other types of fabrics, and it is suitable to wear such abayas in the evenings, especially if the cloth is used in the chest, back, sleeves and multi-colors of lace that can be included abayas
Canvas or sequin
Made of this cloth Abaya luxury designed to attend various occasions and evening, and can manufacture all the abaya of this cloth, and sometimes make it partially and the rest of the abaya is made of silk, which increases the Abaya also

Top Black Fabric

This type of fabric is widely used in Saudi Arabia and the various Arab countries because it is comfortable, practical and light, and suitable for different times. Abaya can also be worn in winter if some well-known winter fabrics are added

Silk fabric

It is characterized by its smoothness, softness and good black color, with a gloss that makes the abaya made of it suitable for occasions and evening, in addition to the possibility of wearing it in the day, and all women can wear it, especially filled because it is loose and wide


Abaya is considered the most popular and most popular dress among Arab women. Most women prefer to wear abaya, especially in the summer, because they are light and suitable for high temperatures, in addition to the possibility of wearing them on many occasions such as weddings, social visits and going shopping. Fabrics used in the design of gowns to suit all occasions, all times, and we will learn in this article on the types of fabrics abayas

Abaya and the history of its inception

Is a piece of cloth black, and is common among all Arab countries, formed abaya to be suitable for the form of Arab Muslim women to cover the wear of ordinary clothes, and consists of a long-sleeved black robe covering all parts of the body except the face and hands and feet, Some historians believe that the origin of the abaya and the date of its inception was four thousand years ago, specifically in Mesopotamia, Iraq, and some of them believe that it existed at the time of the entry of Islam
It was not possible for poor women to wear abaya because of their inability to buy them, but nowadays most women and women wear abaya to provide them to all classes of society, and the abayas are now different from what it was in ancient times in its various styles and colors. It is called Abaya in the state of Malaysia and Afghanistan

Best Abaya fabric in egypt
Best Abaya fabric in egypt

Arab Abayas
For example, Egypt is distinguished by being respectful and covers the woman’s body in full with facial veils. It is loose, does not heal the body, and is not thin. It is excellent materials such as lace and silk, worn by women in various fields. Life is like work, study, and even various occasions like weddings and holidays
The article concludes that Egypt abaya deal with all these factories and offer the best produce of raw materials, shapes and types in all seasons.

The popular Abaya’s Fabrics In Egypt

There are many Abays’s fabric In Egypt which specialized in making Abaya Styles and designs . The most popular Fabrics are Kadina, Judee, Shahbander, Alsharq, Althakepa , Rotana and more others fabrics which exceeded the 1000 Abaya’s Fabric In Egypt .EgyptAbaya are dealing with all those Fabrics and collect the stylest and modest fashion Abaya Designs which they make and reserve them with very good prices and very good dealing and handling.


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Buy Abaya Online

Buy Abaya Online

Buy Abaya Online | This time we come in the best models Abaya 2018 and we have a lot of abaya and black abaya. If you are looking for abaya for sale and choose between abayat online, we are the best site to offer all the abaya and the number of our markets we offer you the best sites to buy abaya of all kinds and shopping Abaya Online Therefore, make sure whatever you are looking for, we have in every place we go Abaya, the leading shopping site in the Arab world

Methods and means of payment

Buy Abaya Online
Buy Abaya Online

Payment when receiving
Payment through credit cards
Pay via Maestro cards
Shipping and delivery
Shipping limits: Most of the world
Shipping to other countries: Within 7 to 10 days approx
Shipping to GCC: Free within 2 to 4 days
Shipping to Iraq: Free within 5 to 7 days or more after confirmation of payment
Replacement: Free within 14 days after the order arrives

Buy Abaya Online from Egypt

In Egyptabaya Blog
Buy abaya online from Egypt wholesale and all models and the best prices, raw materials and freight all over the world

Abaya is the official uniform in most Arab countries were in the past Abaya women are different from abaya now in terms of form and raw materials and the method of embroidery as time progresses whenever we have new Abaya new sophisticated on all levels, previously Abaya is not listed in many designers But now and after the emergence of a large number of Egyptian fashion designers in general has become a special attention to the jacket, especially after realizing that this is a favorite of many women veiled and non – veiled tastes and varied and became a special glamour, because the jacket became the biggest rival For my father In addition to this development, many shops and places dedicated to the sale of abayas on all kinds of abayas have appeared in the Gulf and other Arab countries in a variety of embroidered and embroidered abaya online in all shapes and colors elegant and distinctive , But we can not mention the places selling abayas online without mentioning the Internet and what is of great importance to many, pointing out that many women can now buy what they want clothes and abayas and dresses online recently appeared many shops Which provides a distinctive package Of abayas online, but only one store is the one who has been admired and admired many in the Arab world is the site of Egyptabaya, which has become a kiss for shoppers and lovers of elegance and difference is a walk is the largest site on the Internet specialized in selling the finest of the abayas online and Costumes for veiled costumes fit all tastes and cultures of the most famous brands at competitive prices for the normal market and electronic Add to this shipping and delivery services and the possibility of replacement of many of the lubricants and based on the great interest that is about the store will now offer you a comprehensive and accurate analysis of All the benefits Which is provided by Nimshi and this in a neutral and objective so that everyone benefit from a shopping experience distinctive and comfortable and safe

Why choose Egyptabaya

The possibility of replacement or return of the product
More than one way of payment is guaranteed and accepted
Receiving within 4 days or less for some countries
Take advantage of all offers and discounts + discount coupons as if you were in Egypt
Products for Genuine Brands 100%
Protect your payment information and ensure a safe shopping experience 100%
Fast and friendly customer service around the clock
The article concludes that Egyptabaya deal with all these factories and offer the best produce of raw materials, shapes and types in all seasons

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Egyptian Abaya as an Oriental Culture

What do you know about the Egyptian Abaya?


Egyptian Abaya for spring and summer 2018: Call your tedious Abaya






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Egyptian Abaya Online


Egyptian Abaya Online

Egyptian Abaya online  | In the past, the abaya was a loose black dress that covered the body and concealed its features for greater decency and respect and to indicate the commitment of those who wore it.

Today, the abaya is a stand-in costume, competing for and overcoming the evening dresses that bear the signature of the world’s most famous fashion houses.

Abaya”, which some may see a normal black dress does not cost anything that has to change this view because this outfit requires four stages starting from the purchase of cloth and through the selection of the model and accessories stand at the tailor to get it finally in the form required may be prolonged and shorten the abaya because The final form is not specified by the owner. The specificity of Egyptian women is reduced to the burden that distinguishes them from other Arab women.

Egyptian Abaya Online
Egyptian Abaya Online

Abayas, which distinguish the women of all the Arab countries, although they differ in simple detail, are known by their design, embroidery, and additives to any country that returns, and the decency remains the main element.

Women used to wear an abaya in Mesopotamia, which was meant to cover the body and facilitate the movement of women working in the land. The headscarf was a small scarf to protect against the strong sunlight. The chanting women used to wear the flowing robes that covered the entire body and the veil that prevented them from seeing the head and face so that they could distinguish themselves from women farmers so that they would not appear in front of the eyes.

The shape of the hijab has changed after it became religiously imposed, and the abaya became the most appropriate dress for women because it preserves its dignity and respect. The black color was adopted in most Islamic countries because it is less noticeable, but this does not mean that the woman could not pick different colors.

Between silk and wool

It is true that the abaya originates in Mesopotamia, but it spread hundreds of years ago in all the Arab countries. Its shape and model differed according to the climatic conditions, life, customs, traditions and characteristics of each country, so the abaya differed in Saudi Arabia from those that spread in the UAE or Egypt or Palestine or Jordan or Iraq, and characterized the Gulf gowns depending on light fabrics such as silk and soft crepe and velvet light because of the high temperatures that characterize those countries. The abayas, which spread in the Levant, were woven from wool, velvet, and cashmere, and relied on bright colors, embroidery, and trimmings.

Egyptian Abaya Online

Undoubtedly, the Arab Badia women were racing to wear the black abaya, because it is practical and comfortable and suited to the life of the desert and the conditions of living there.

Whatever its shape, the black abaya remains the wardrobe of your wardrobe and indispensable. Whether you prefer classical or innovative abayas.
Abaya models of the basic pieces in the wheel of many veiled girls, and most designers try to put their own fingerprints on the designs to receive the most impressive slice of veiled, and this year spread abaya models with Arab touches from all countries, headed by Morocco, Bahrain, Emirates, Egyptian embroidery Bedouin and El Senawy colored colors.

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Egyptian Abaya

Egyptian Abaya for spring and summer 2018: Call your tedious Abaya

Egyptian Abaya for spring and summer 2018: Call your tedious Abaya

Egyptian abaya is the best way to wear your everyday clothes that you like if you are veiled women. The abaya apprenticeship nowadays expanded not only to cover the body but also to become a fashion and a distinctive mark for women in Egypt, so there are many Egyptian abaya models and sewing styles in this season to expand and be more than just dull black Egyptian abaya
In fact, the days of the classic Egyptian black gowns are gone, and the cloaks have entered these days to have many colors such as gray, blue, brown and so on
The Egyptian abaya did not stop wearing the old-age class today, but became popular among younger girls. Many gown designers tended to diversify in colors, cuttings and raw materials to give a modest and elegant look at the same time.

Recommended Collection of Egyptian ABaya

Therefore, we brought you a collection of elegant Egyptian abaya. The collection consists of elegant designs, including narrow models, long model maki, abaya with trousers and others. You can wear colorful Egyptian abaya this summer with a long white dress or with wide white pants and leave it open
This spring, and even in the coming months, you will be wearing a distinctive cloak decorated with flowers for more vitality in your elegant black Egyptian clothes. The cloak, traditionally a traditional garment in the Gulf, has become part of the veiled women’s fashion in many Arab countries
Also with designers creating stunning designs full of femininity and sophistication, the mother can now appear in the finest gowns
Through the following photos, you will see black Egyptian abaya decorated with embroidered or embroidered flowers, specially for every mother who adores elegance and fashion
Egyptian Abaya Casual with distinctive colors suitable for the time of the picnic with friends
Casual clothes are no longer typical pieces such as top, jeans and others, but have become a special part of the attention of designers Abaya Egyptian fashion, and has a special section as a modern day, to suit the life of young girls during the day, and times of strolling with girlfriends

Egyptian Abaya
Egyptian Abaya

The light velvet colors are your title for this summer, for a youthful spirit whatever your age, such as soft pastels, such as the Fashion Arabian Show design. Fashion Arabian Shaw, chiffon, always coordinated with a light-colored veil, white will be perfect, small if the occasion is the last day, great if your destination is shopping

Beige colors are also indispensable in your wardrobe. Choose them with jubilee or soft lace of roses, match them with white tops, jeans, and leave them open for a relaxed look or lean on the waist belt if you are looking for comfort

Egyptian abaya in this beach-colored colors, and will be your summer companion, such as the design of Abaya Booth

The black is still the basis in the design list of Egyptian abaya.
You would prefer to rely more on lighter materials if you are going to adopt this color during the day and break the color in other colors if you wear Egyptian abaya in an open manner, like the red dress with the black Egyptian abaya from Foolhardy Abaya, , And coordinated with her sandals open beige or made of wicker, and a black veil

But if you prefer to wear the Egyptian abaya closed, apply more designs, such as Metallic Silvers on the abaya edge of the front in the design, Jilbab Nr Gelbabnr, and do not worry about Metallic in the day, as long as it is not excessive, is allowed all the time, especially And it is a common occurrence this year

We cannot talk about the colors of the Egyptian casual abaya without mentioning the white color. It will occupy the top of the list, such as the design of the Fashion Arabian Show, the famous Arabian Shaw, with the wide sleeves and the white veil, with light materials suitable for the summer heat

Wear them in the morning, or when going to the sea

The Egyptian Abaya Show features Abaya Shaw with light materials for the 20’s and 30’s, which suits the open sandal or any shoes that you wish to highlight. The short design of the Egyptian Abaya gives you the elegance of your shoes

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