Khimar Niqab Set- Chiffon – Light not transparent – Colors Variety 



Khimar Niqab Set- Chiffon – Light  not transparent – Colors Variety

Khimar Niqab – Chiffon – Colors Variety – Egyptabaya . |That Set  can be used as Khimar and Niqab at the same time as you like

Khimar Niqab - Chiffon - Colors Variety - Egyptabaya

Khimar Niqab – Chiffon – Colors Variety – Egyptabaya

This Khimar Niqab made of heavy Chiffon to be light and not transparent. Most Muslim Women prefer that kind of Khimar Niqab .It is easy to wear and it’s matching wit h the fashionable Muslimah Mode .It is covering the shoulders, Front , back and Face except the eyes.The Chiffon Material from which it’s made is very light but it’s not transparent too which is very comfortable for the Women . The Veil is attached with the khimar which make you able to wear it as Scarf or Niqab however you want. The Variety of Color made this kind of Khimar very elegant to wear and to use specially on the summer.

Categories : Scarf Khimar Niqab

Material : Heavy Chiffon

Colors : Red, Blue, Green, Beige, Black

Size : 150 CM * 150 CM



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Black, Blue, Green, Beige, Red