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Abaya Manufacture | In this Article we will speak about the Best popular Abaya Factories In Egypt. If you are Abaya lovers , Muslimah likes to follow her religion concerns the regulation Clothing in Islam , So you are in the right place to find the most popular Abaya Factories which design and make the Abaya in its variety Styles matching with the modern Fashion .

If you are Seller and like to know the Abaya Manufacture in Egypt you will be interesting  with this topics which will answers the most question you have and it will satisfy your Inquiries that concerns.

Now let’s first start describing , what is the Abaya ? From which fabrics can it be made?

What is the Abaya ?

Is a piece of cloth black, and is common among all Arab countries, formed abaya to be suitable for the form of Arab Muslim women to cover the wear of ordinary clothes, and consists of a long-sleeved black robe covering all parts of the body except the face and hands and feet, Some historians believe that the origin of the abaya and the date of its inception was four thousand years ago, specifically in Mesopotamia, Iraq, and some of them believe that it existed at the time of the entry of Islam
It was not possible for poor women to wear abaya because of their inability to buy them, but nowadays most women and women wear abaya to provide them to all classes of society, and the abayas are now different from what it was in ancient times in its various styles and colors. It is called Abaya in the state of Malaysia and Afghanistan

Arab Abaya
For example, Egypt is distinguished by being respectful and covers the woman’s body in full with facial veils. It is loose, does not heal the body, and is not thin. It is excellent materials such as lace and silk, worn by women in various fields. Life is like work, study, and even various occasions like weddings and holidays
The article concludes that Egypt abaya deal with all these factories and offer the best produce of raw materials, shapes and types in all seasons.

From which fabrics can it be made?

The Abaya can be made from different fabrics and you can chose from this fabrics according the weather and due to comfortably for your skin.

There are variety of fabrics made of the Abaya for example :-

Cotton – Crepe – Satin – Chiffon – Jersey – Silk – Linen – Nidha – Georgette – Wool


Nature fabrics which is very comfortable specially in summer .Cotton has many advantage when you make Abaya from .It will be perfect choice for Home Abaya and Hijabs.


Crepe is a French word which means fabric with a pebbly surface texture. It has twisted wave which give a very elegant appearance. This Crepe fabrics has an advantage that it doesn’t crease so easily as others fabrics. Also it can be used to make loose-fitting Abaya, dresses, bridal gowns and evening wear.


It is a fabric weave using cotton instead of silk which give a very shiny looks. It has a lustrous smooth feel and glossy sheen. This Satin fabric can be used to make Dresses and skirts. It is luxury Dress which used usually in the evening Events .it is Evening Gowns.


It is very lightweight fabric which is transparent and be used for summer and in the evening party. The Dresses and the Abaya made of Chiffon looks very elegant and give a very luxury appearance. Usually used to make the Maxi Dresses and the Butterfly Abaya.


An elastic fabric which is known for draping well. It is stretchy fabric made from single knit .If it put under pressure can be curl at edges .Jersey can be used to make Skirts, Dress. It will be the favorite choice to make the slim Abaya.


Silk is very luxury material , very smooth fabric and a natural protein fiber, which is used to make the elegant Dresses, Abaya. The Abaya made of Silk  refract incoming light at different angles which make it the perfect choice if you will dress it in the party or the special event. It usually used in the official places and for the official work.

The Common Abaya Factories in Egypt

There are many Abays’s fabric In Egypt which specialized in making Abaya Styles and designs . The most popular Fabrics are Kadina, Judee, Shahbander, Alsharq, Althakepa , Rotana and more others fabrics which exceeded the 1000 Abaya’s Fabric In Egypt .EgyptAbaya are dealing with all those Fabrics and collect the stylest and modest fashion Abaya Designs which they make and reserve them with very good prices and very good dealing and handling.

Abaya is the most popular Cloth in Egypt .The people prefer to wear it specially in summer at the home. It be worn in the work and in the official places. So the Abaya factories are widespread in Egypt.

The most common Factories are Kadina – Althakeba – Judee – Elsahera -Cash – Shahbander – Jauharat Elsharq – Alhikma – Arwa Class – Rotana – Strike – Future – Roaya fashion – Bayan Style – Sahar Elsharq -MZ – KM – Mero Class – Jannaat Style – Makkah.

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What do you know about the Egyptian Abaya?

What do you know about the Egyptian Abaya?

The Egyptian Abaya become one of the most popular Abaya’s Styles in the Abayas fashion’s world.That Egyptian Abaya has been devolped in fabric and become better than before .It was before just black Abaya without any designs or work over it.But Now it become embroidred Abaya with fashion designs.That Embroidery made from variety types of strings.So there are velvet embroidered Abaya, silk embroiderd Abaya,Abaya embroidered with woven cotton.Embroidered Abaya is not all the same Embroidery but it will be different in color and type of embroidery which made of according to the culture and traditions of the Arabic and islamic women’s.Each women or girl chose the Abaya due to the Embroidery over it.There are some of them like the black embroidery abaya and there are others who like and love the colored embroidery abaya.All that Variety in embroidey color and style makes the differentiate in the Islamic clothes fashion in the women’s clothes market.

egyptian Abaya
egyptian Abaya

Black Abaya

No doubt that black  Abaya has become a very important place in the wardrobe of Arab women, and the role of Arab and international fashion in fashioning its forms, models, and fabrics made to satisfy the tastes of all Arab women.
Embroidery has become a sophisticated and stylish way to decorate the abayas, which gives femininity, elegance, and luxury to them.
The way of embroidery varies from abaya to other, to suit events of all kinds, from casual to work to weddings and grand nights, giving you a luxurious and modern look at the same time. The embroidered abayas blend between Arabic culture and decency on the one hand and among the most modern models and styles on the other hand, which preserves the Arab abayas and suits the traditions.
The embroidery is in keeping with the majority of abaya colors, but black remains the most sought after and most sought after by Arab women.

Black Abaya
Black Abaya

Embroidered Abaya

The Embroidered Abaya have become in recent years especially .. characterized by renewal and diversity, unlike the previous years. Not only become a piece of black cloth worn by the ladies before. It has become embroider them with handcrafts. Of which roses and beads

Including the colored ribbons .. And the crystal used in the work of accessories .. Such images.

Although the effort of handicrafts is a bit tired, the pleasure of your embroidery will start to impress you at first.

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Islamic clothes

Islamic Clothes |What is the meaning of the Islamic Clothes ? Is there really such meaning in Islam (Islamic Clothes) ? Is the Black Abaya from the Islamic instruction an regulation ? Can Women wear the colored Dress or embroidered Abaya ? , That All what we would answer in that Topic.

  Islam has honored women with all respect; after women in pre-Islamic  Islam were treated as subjects and deprived of their most basic rights, Islam came with its fair and tolerant law to give women their full rights and to allow them to participate actively in the performance of many tasks in society. Psychological characteristics, social status, and special circumstances, and keep the image of women in society pure image

Dress code controls

Islamic Clothes |What is the meaning of the Islamic Clothes ? Is there really such meaning in Islam (Islamic Clothes) ? Is the Black Abaya from the Islamic instruction an regulation ? Can Women wear the colored Dress or embroidered Abaya ? , That All what we would answer in that Topic.

The rules of Islamic dress in Islam include the following:
-The dress that a woman wears should be wide and loose, meaning that it is not a narrow line that describes the body of a Muslim woman.
-The dress should be a cover, meaning that it is made of a material that does not allow the eyes to see what is behind it as a transparent garment.
-It is not permissible to wear a dress that is short on the knees, for example, but it should be comprehensive for the whole body of the woman, except for two members: the face and the hands on the opinion of the majority of scholars. Others should cover the face and hands. -Is the dress worn by a Muslim woman not a dress of fame, meaning the dress of fame that does not mean the woman behind him to be famous in the community and know, and therefore may be seen by the eyes because of this.
-Is not the dress adornment in itself, meaning it does not contain anything added to its ornaments, or gems, or forms that attract attention to him.
-Not to wear Muslim women ‘s clothes is like men dress.
-It should not be like the body of the infidel.

The Relationship betwee

n Abaya and the religious and ideological concept

The close relationship between Abaya and the religious and ideological concept and its preservation of the essential purpose for which it was found, which is the decency. It contributes to giving an idea of ​​Muslim women in their best form.
And show no opposition to the diversity of the design of abay or any other robe that applies to the conditions of the dress of Islamic women, unless he redeems and describes the charms of the body, even if it entered some colors and trim

Islamic Clothes
Islamic clothes from egyptabaya

mings is not exaggerated. Designers try to choose the designs of their full-length abayas, with the loose design of the under-shoulder area, noting that the choice of abaya does not diminish or diminish the elegance of the female. How to choose the appropriate design and designer, which combines the jacket and the dress and show the female in full elegance, even if the design is simple, bearing in mind its suitability to the occasion and the place where it is worn. Abayas can be classified as older and married women, unlike girls’ abayas. This difference lies in the colors and colors and the specific types of fabrics. Old, and do not give her more than her real age.
The first thing the woman likes when buying abaya is her design, tailoring and the quality of her cloth. The most important issue how comfortable and practical it is, not impressed by the admiration of others and the attention of others, as much as she likes them and attracts them in the first place.
Also the appearing in a modern way does not mean never abandoning the religious principles in the dress of conservative women, and left behind our appearance in our fashion in all its forms, even if it does not suit us sometimes, and the resulting taxes we pay without knowing the abandonment of our legislation and statutes Our true religion.

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