Egyptian Abaya for spring and summer 2018: Call your tedious Abaya

Egyptian Abaya for spring and summer 2018: Call your tedious Abaya

Egyptian abaya is the best way to wear your everyday clothes that you like if you are veiled women. The abaya apprenticeship nowadays expanded not only to cover the body but also to become a fashion and a distinctive mark for women in Egypt, so there are many Egyptian abaya models and sewing styles in this season to expand and be more than just dull black Egyptian abaya
In fact, the days of the classic Egyptian black gowns are gone, and the cloaks have entered these days to have many colors such as gray, blue, brown and so on
The Egyptian abaya did not stop wearing the old-age class today, but became popular among younger girls. Many gown designers tended to diversify in colors, cuttings and raw materials to give a modest and elegant look at the same time.

Recommended Collection of Egyptian ABaya

Therefore, we brought you a collection of elegant Egyptian abaya. The collection consists of elegant designs, including narrow models, long model maki, abaya with trousers and others. You can wear colorful Egyptian abaya this summer with a long white dress or with wide white pants and leave it open
This spring, and even in the coming months, you will be wearing a distinctive cloak decorated with flowers for more vitality in your elegant black Egyptian clothes. The cloak, traditionally a traditional garment in the Gulf, has become part of the veiled women’s fashion in many Arab countries
Also with designers creating stunning designs full of femininity and sophistication, the mother can now appear in the finest gowns
Through the following photos, you will see black Egyptian abaya decorated with embroidered or embroidered flowers, specially for every mother who adores elegance and fashion
Egyptian Abaya Casual with distinctive colors suitable for the time of the picnic with friends
Casual clothes are no longer typical pieces such as top, jeans and others, but have become a special part of the attention of designers Abaya Egyptian fashion, and has a special section as a modern day, to suit the life of young girls during the day, and times of strolling with girlfriends

Egyptian Abaya
Egyptian Abaya

The light velvet colors are your title for this summer, for a youthful spirit whatever your age, such as soft pastels, such as the Fashion Arabian Show design. Fashion Arabian Shaw, chiffon, always coordinated with a light-colored veil, white will be perfect, small if the occasion is the last day, great if your destination is shopping

Beige colors are also indispensable in your wardrobe. Choose them with jubilee or soft lace of roses, match them with white tops, jeans, and leave them open for a relaxed look or lean on the waist belt if you are looking for comfort

Egyptian abaya in this beach-colored colors, and will be your summer companion, such as the design of Abaya Booth

The black is still the basis in the design list of Egyptian abaya.
You would prefer to rely more on lighter materials if you are going to adopt this color during the day and break the color in other colors if you wear Egyptian abaya in an open manner, like the red dress with the black Egyptian abaya from Foolhardy Abaya, , And coordinated with her sandals open beige or made of wicker, and a black veil

But if you prefer to wear the Egyptian abaya closed, apply more designs, such as Metallic Silvers on the abaya edge of the front in the design, Jilbab Nr Gelbabnr, and do not worry about Metallic in the day, as long as it is not excessive, is allowed all the time, especially And it is a common occurrence this year

We cannot talk about the colors of the Egyptian casual abaya without mentioning the white color. It will occupy the top of the list, such as the design of the Fashion Arabian Show, the famous Arabian Shaw, with the wide sleeves and the white veil, with light materials suitable for the summer heat

Wear them in the morning, or when going to the sea

The Egyptian Abaya Show features Abaya Shaw with light materials for the 20’s and 30’s, which suits the open sandal or any shoes that you wish to highlight. The short design of the Egyptian Abaya gives you the elegance of your shoes

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